A Brief History

INTAS Insurance Launceston INTAS Insurance Launceston INTAS Insurance Launceston

Intas Insurance Services was founded in 1998 to provide personalised Insurance services to local Launceston businesses, something that seemed to be lacking in the insurance market generally at that time.

Since 1998 Intas Insurance Services has grown from its initial staff of one to its current staff of thirteen, such growth must be an indication that the people of Tasmania value what we offer, SERVICE. In addition to service, here at Intas we value professionalism, honesty, integrity and the need for continual professional training for all of its staff, to ensure that we not only offer that which is expected of our customers but more.

With an excellent balance of experience, professionalism and youth we will be here to provide our Tasmanian customers with the high level of service they have grown to expect for many decades to come.

We provide Tasmanians with a range of insurance products, including:

We also provide Miscellaneous Insurance for many other eventualities.

Why not enquire and let one of our friendly staff help you with your business or personal insurances?